Poll: Retailers, is the customer always right?

If you work in specialty outdoor retail, we want to hear your thoughts.
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Retailers, we want to know: Is the customer, always right? Courtesy Unsplash.

Retailers, we want to know: Is the customer, always right? Courtesy Unsplash.

If you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer, you probably miss your customers right now. But be honest, do do you really miss all of them? Every retailer has dealt with difficult patrons. And everyone's strategy for doing so is unique. 

Is it true that the customer always right, even in an industry as specialized as outdoor gear? Is it OK to let a novice buy a piece of equipment, for instance, that you know to be the wrong choice? How about defending your employees against rude shoppers, or removing families with out-of-control kids who might hurt themselves playing with your display of ice axes?

If you're in the business of specialty outdoor retail, help us settle these two points. Is the customer always right? And have you ever asked someone to leave your store?



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