Industry Buzz: #ParkSunsetWars, Vista Outdoor, United By Blue, tariffs, grizzly bears, Half Dome hiker death, and more

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  • In a routine filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Vista Outdoor said future boycotts of its outdoor brands born on social media pose a risk to the corporation’s reputation and financial success. The company mentioned REI's and MEC's boycott after the Florida school shooting as an example. “Negative commentary regarding us or our brands may be posted on social media platforms at any time and may have an adverse impact on our reputation, business, or relationships with third parties, including suppliers, customers, investors, and lenders,” Vista wrote. “Consumers value readily available information and often act on such information without further investigation and without regard to its accuracy or context. The harm may be immediate without affording us an opportunity for redress or correction.”
  • United By Blue's cleanup crew is hitting the roads from June 1 to August 6 to remove trash from waterways in 21 states. Upon completion, they will have performed cleanup in 50 states, hopefully reaching their goal of removing 500,000 pounds of trash. See if they'll be in your neighborhood and sign up to participate.
  • The Trump Administration's plan to impose high tariffs on billions of dollars worth of Chinese goods has been suspended due to disagreement over trade strategy and the possibility of hurting North Korea negotiations. Earlier this year, the outdoor industry braced for the full list of goods to be tariffed, concerned that footwear, apparel, and hardgoods would be targeted. But most products on the list were within the agriculture and technology industries.
  • Alan Arnette, who has documented the happenings on Mt. Everest for more than a decade, declared the end of the season with a summary on his blog. "A record 700+ summits and expected 5 deaths, the unprecedented 11 day summit window set up one of the best season ever for climbers," Arnette wrote on Twitter. Be sure to read our roundup here.
  • What in the world? If a new National Park Service proposal moves forward, hunters will be allowed to use bacon and doughnuts to draw grizzly bears for easier shots, use hunting dogs to round up bears, and shoot swimming caribou from motorboats. Hunters will also be able to shine spotlights into dens to shoot hibernating bears. The proposal would reverse a series of Obama-era laws meant to limit aggressive hunting practices.
  • More on hunting: For the first time in 40 years, grizzly bears will be at risk for hunting this fall. In a unanimous vote, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission approved its proposal to allow hunting this fall of 23 Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem grizzly bears in response to the removal of federal protections.
  • A hiker fell to his death while climbing the cables on Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, marking the first visitor fatality of 2018 and the first death on the cables since 2011. The cause of the fall is currently under investigation.
  • #ParkSunsetWars: Saguaro National Park in southern Arizona and Joshua Tree National Park in southern California ignited a battle on May 5 over who has the best sunsets and it's been heating up as park-goers have been chiming in. Follow the banter on Instagram: