Industry headlines: Intriguing reads from around the web

Plastic waste on the rise: The pandemic has helped the environment in some ways and hurt it in others. Join the Plastic Impact Alliance to help combat the problem. [Wired]

How park closures affect different communities: Underrepresented groups experience the effects of park closures in unique ways. [High Country News]

When will the parks reopen? As summer approaches, everyone wants to know when we can visit national parks again. [Forbes]

Sustainability after the crisis: how can we maintain some of the positive environmental changes we’ve seen as a result of the pandemic, even after it ends? [BBC]

10 days, 10 webinars: Emerald is putting on a series of educational webinars aimed at helping retailers overcome the challenges of the pandemic.

Sexism in the outdoors: A river guide reflects on her experience. [Blue Ridge Outdoors]

Social distancing tech: A group of software developers in Colorado have created an app that makes social distancing easier for retailers.

The best of SNEWS: Top stories we've published recently

The first digital trade show is here: Thin Air could change the way the industry approaches shows.

No more ploybags: Harnessing the creative power of its sustainability team, prAna is doing away with wasteful plastic packaging. 

Dancing through the pandemic: Employees of Active Interest Media, SNEWS' parent company, are making the most of a tough time.