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Tour de France postponed: The race will now take place in August and September, more than two months after the original dates. The course will remain the same. [ESPN]

AMC lays down the law: If you want to summit a 4,000-foot peak in the Appalachians right now, don’t expect the Appalachian Mountain Club to count it as an official ascent—not until states have lifted their stay-at-home orders.

National Park Week: The annual weeklong celebration of “America’s best idea” is coming up. Here’s how you can honor and enjoy the parks during the pandemic. [The Hill]

New travelogue: On that note, why not read CBS Sunday Morning correspondent Conor Knighton’s new travel memoir about his journey through all 59 parks? [Forbes]

Montanans know the deal: According to a new poll, residents of Montana “tend to use and appreciate public lands 10 to 15 percent more than people in other states.” [KPAX]

Calm your mind: Yes, we’re sick of being inside, too. This interactive eco-meditation will help soothe your frayed nerves. [The New York Times]

Zoom with a llama: For the low price of $100 you can get a llama or goat on your next videoconference call (and support a struggling animal sanctuary in the process). [Business Insider]

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ORR has a new VP: Lindsey Davis, one of the founders of Wylder Goods, has taken on a new role in advocacy with the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable.

Exxel acquires Compass 360: The owner of Kelty and Sierra Designs has finalized the purchase of an Alabama-based maker of waders and rainwear.