In recent days, dozens of companies across the industry have responded to the murder of George Floyd on May 25 with statements condemning racial injustice. In support of Black Lives Matter and the protests currently sweeping the nation, calls have been made for reforms both within the outdoor space and beyond. 

Rarer are those organizations that have laid out clear, specific, measurable plans for enacting anti-racist measures. As Color Outside founder Nailah Blades wrote on Instagram this week, "It's not enough to say the right words in a social post if you're not also doing the work internally as a company." Many within the industry—from employees at large brands to individual activists—have echoed this sentiment.

Now want to hear from you. Is your company doing enough? You can fill out this two-minute survey anonymously or with your name attached. Please give us your honest thoughts. Accountability is the first step toward action.


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Black Lives Matter: Statements from the industry

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