There aren't enough rad women on Wikipedia, but these editors want to change that


There's a serious gender gap on Wikipedia. But you can help. Join us to learn how to celebrate more outdoor industry women.

Women on Wikipedia

Join SNEWS and Adventure Projects to learn how to get more women on Wikipedia. // Photo: Pexels

We all use Wikipedia to quickly answer burning questions and settle bets. Who was the first woman to climb Everest? Who invented the internet? Who founded Vail Resorts?

But not enough of us edit the pages we read. The vast majority of Wikipedia editors are men. Women, their companies, their accomplishments, and their contributions to history are underrepresented in pages across the site. Outdoor women are no exception: Search for some of our most well-known female leaders and entrepreneurs, and you’ll quickly notice that many important women are missing from Wikipedia entirely, or that their pages are extremely brief.

Two outdoor industry editors, from SNEWS and Adventure Projects, want to do something about that.

This Sunday, SNEWS Assistant Editor Kassondra Cloos and Adventure Projects Senior Editor Abigail Wise will host a primer on Wikipedia editing in Boulder, Colo. All you need is your laptop and a few suggestions for athletes, entrepreneurs, writers, photographers, CEOs, and other rad outdoor industry women whose Wikipedia pages seriously undersell them, or who don’t have pages at all. Seasoned Wikipedia editors will be there to teach you the ropes.

Join us for Outdoor Women of Wikipedia from 4 to 6 p.m. this Sunday, March 26, at Sanitas Brewing Company (3550 Frontier Ave., Unit A, Boulder, Colorado).

Space is limited, so please RSVP here.


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