Weekend Watch: Cheap kayak mockumentary

Perception Kayaks’s new advertisement is a joke. And that’s just the way they want it.
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Every once in a while, we could all use a good reminder to not take ourselves too seriously. Perception Kayak’s newest video, “Don’t Get Yakked Off,” pokes fun at its cheaper competitors, its customers, and itself.

While they’ve been making helpful videos since 2015, this is Perception’s first foray into the realm of humor. Black and white video, “anonymous” sources, and dramatic piano invoke the vibes of a disturbing documentary with the laughs of an SNL skit. “Can you believe that somebody thought this was a real kayak?” says an intense park ranger, pointing at a pink kiddie pool with a lawn chair strapped to it.

LOL: The outdoor industry has a strong traditions of humorous ads.

The video is fun, but Perception Kayaks isn’t just joking around. They included a comprehensive guide to telling the difference between a high-quality kayak and a cheap hunk of plastic. Hard plastic seat? Check. Bad tracking? Check. Seams? Check. Are you in a superstore? Check. Don’t buy it, Perception says. It’s a yakoff! With problems like back pain, wobbly balance, and overall social embarrassment, Perception’s argument against buying a yakoff is pretty convincing. And they surely had fun delivering it.

If kayaking is all about having a good time, Perception has the right idea. Know of any other brands making fun of themselves? Let us know in the comments below   


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