Weekend Watch: Patagonia's effort to help save a rainforest in Australia

This 40-minute movie by Patagonia Films explores complexities of modern conservation and pushes us to imagine what it'd be like to lose our last wild places.
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Patagonia's new feature film "takayna" documents the destructive impacts of mining, forestry, and even firebombing in the takayna / Tarkine region in Northwest Tasmania. In partnership with the Bob Brown Foundation, the film is part of a campaign to get the region designated as a World Heritage Area.

The takayna / Tarkine, named after the coastal Aboriginal takayna people, is home to culturally significant burial sites, hut depressions, and more than 50 threatened and endangered species, including some that are endemic to Tasmania. The ancient rainforest is the largest patch in Australia and one of the largest undisturbed tracts of cool temperate rainforest in the world, according to the Australian Heritage Council.

Chief concern among activists is that it won’t stay undisturbed much longer.

Patagonia is trying to help. A petition to nominate takayna / Tarkine as a World Heritage protection has more than 32,000 signatures.


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