Weekend Watch: Breathe in, breathe out

In the first video of its new series, Jaybird takes us back to the basics—but not without a few twists.
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Sometimes we forget to breathe. Wireless headphone brand Jaybird is reminding us that we can inhale and let it back out as part of a new film series, Run Wild.

The series’ journey begins in Park City, Utah, where a group of running athletes attended a week of high intensity training camp led by performance sports expert Dr. Andy Walshe. The video, simply titled Breathe, focuses on his most fundamental performance practice.

“We teach you to breathe. Techniques to bring you back to that point where you can execute at the highest levels,” Walshe tells the assembled athletes. The video poses an ambitious question: “What are we all capable of? And what happens when we hack those capabilities to push them even further?”

Listen here to the music that powered them through a high-intensity training camp.

The series main characters are Rory Bosio and Knox Robinson. Bosio is the first woman to win the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc for two consecutive years. Robinson is a founder of the Black Roses NYC running collective.

In this video, they submerge themselves in an icy pond, run through snowy forests, and… meet a grizzly bear? We’ll see where the rest of the series takes them and teaches us.


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