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Weekend Watch: Ode to badass moms

This 2-minute video celebrates all the moms crushing it out there. Happy Mother's Day!
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Just in time for Mother's Day, a new creative agency has released a video celebrating moms who crush and inspire their kids to do the same. This 2-minute happy tears-jerking video is the first by Home Team Creative—founded by photographer and videographer Alton Richardson and Shannon Davis, former editor-in-chief of Climbing Magazine.

The video was commissioned by Trango—it's on the brand's homepage—to highlight one of their crusher-mom athletes Janelle Anderson, Davis told SNEWS. "It also honors all climber moms out there who do all the little, perhaps unrecognized things for their kids day in and day out, and then go train and try hard to push their climbing," he said.

Davis said he met with Anderson and her two boys for a long interview so they could create a script that was genuine to the mother-son relationship. Her oldest boy spoke eloquently abut how much she inspires them and has taught him about perseverance. 

Davis and Richardson filmed the Anderson family, of Colorado Springs, at their local gym, at their house, and at 11-Mile crag, where Anderson has a nemesis project. Davis said, "It was a real joy to hang out with them."

And the narrator with the sweet little voice? That's Davis' son. "We recorded my boy Von, who's 6, for the voiceover thinking it'd be a placeholder, but his voice is so dang cute that it kept bringing a tear to people's eyes so we went with it," Davis said.


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