Straight Talk with Teresa Baker

Sit in on a video conversation about the surge in interest in Baker's Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge, how it could reshape the outdoor industry, and how your company can lean in.
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In this edition of Straight Talk, Editor-in-Chief Kristin Hostetter sits down with Teresa Baker, co-founder of the Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge to discuss how recent events have created an overwhelming surge in interest in the pledge.

Here are some soundbites from Baker: 

  • We do not practice the call out culture, we practice the call in culture. 
  • We’ve had 60,000 hits in two weeks (to the Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge).
  • I know this isn’t easy work.
  • The most powerful thing this industry can do it use its voice. Period.
  • I didn’t see enough faces that look like mine around the table of environmental protection and that is my ultimate goal: to engage more people in that fight.
  • Stay the course! Don’t let this moment—and your commitment—die down.
  • In five years, I’m doing away with The Pledge. I want people to be automatically doing this work so The Pledge is no longer needed.
  • I screw up every day. I say stuff I shouldn’t say. But I keep trying to become a better person at this work because I understand that I speak to a larger audience.
  • As a collective, we’ll put these pieces together and kick ass moving forward. We all play a role, no matter how small of a role you feel you play, you play one. And all those rolls coming together will make the outdoor industry better.

Learn more about The Pledge on Baker's new website,


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