The Voice is researching a story about the best places in the outdoor industry to work. Is yours one of them? Nominate your company, retail store, agency, etc. by telling us exactly what makes it such a standout workplace. Please be detailed and consider specific policies and perks, like:

  • Work arrangements: flex time, remote work options, family leave policies, vacation
  • The physical office/workplace: game rooms, gardens, hammocks
  • Professional development: career advancement or education programs, mentoring
  • Values: social conscience or give-back opportunities, volunteering
  • Diversity/inclusivity initiatives: recruiting programs, staff-led DEI task forces
  • Culture: office camaraderie, team building, special events
  • Health perks: gym memberships, massages, wellness programs
  • Money perks: profit sharing, bonuses, incentives

This is a a very short survey (just one question). Please share your thoughts.



are you paid enough

Are you paid enough?

Money: Like politics, religion, and bodily functions, you’re not supposed to discuss it in polite company. And we get it. How much hard-earned cash your labor brings home can feel like an intensely personal detail, affecting everything about how you work and play. But when wages more