Wave Sport Announces 2010 Team Roster

Team Wave Sport opens the 2010 season with a team roster comprised of tremendously talented athletes and downright good people.

Easley, S.C. – Team Wave Sport opens the 2010 season with a team roster comprised of tremendously talented athletes and downright good people. For Wave Sport, it may be all about whitewater, but the community you paddle with can mean the difference between a good day and great day.

“This team lives and breathes whitewater,'” says Cheri McKenzie, CMO of Confluence Watersports, parent company to Wave Sport. “To talk to them, read their blog posts and watch them paddle is downright motivational. Collectively, they are among the most accomplished athletes in competition, expeditions and first descents. In getting to know them, I think it's because they approach paddling with drive, excitement, and above all, fun.”

Selected for carrying the sport of whitewater to a new level, all while showing endless energy to pursue the next adventure, here is Team Wave Sport 2010:

Bryan Kirk, current hometown: Fayetteville, West Virginia
Not only is he a stud paddler who happens to be the reigning U.S. Freestyle Champion, but Bryan is also the Team manager (aka head cat herder).
Elaine Campbell, the Nor'easter from Readsboro, Vermont
Easy-going, Elaine likes it all, especially if it's found on the West Branch of the Deerfield River in Vermont.
Tyler Curtis, high latitude kid from both Ottawa River, Canada and Norway
TC is a five-time Canadian National Champion who appreciatively notes, “As it stands, I am pretty much the luckiest guy in the world.”
Tanya Faux, lives in a van, down by the river (currently parked in Reno, Nevada)
Setting the bar high for all paddlers, men and women alike, Tanya is an Australian “Adventurer of the Year” honoree, and was critical to bringing awareness to the Kimberley river region and its threats from mining projects.
Trip Jennings, hails from Eugene, Oregon
Chalking up one amazing adventure after the next and documenting them on film, Trip shares his paddling experiences and environmental activism as founder of Epicocity Project.
Kelsey Thompson, representing Truro, Nova Scotia
As the first, and only, Atlantic Canadian paddler on the team, Kelsey brings a wicked accent and a three-time membership card to the Canadian Freestyle team.


Chris Wing, current hometown: Charlotte, N.C.
Chris is a teacher, artist, competitor and all-around, chill guy who's perfect day paddling includes a quality creek near a killer play spot.

Our Team Wave Sport ambassadors:
Todd Baker, current hometown: Dillsburg, Pennsylvania
The secret is out: Todd's fave run is Ohiopyle Falls, Penn. The hold up: it's only legal one weekend a year and he's not telling which weekend.
Taylor Cote, southern girl from Suwanee, Georgia
Taylor got hooked on paddling four years ago and never turned back, Taylor is our youngest team member, and is currently studying with the New River Academy.
Taylor Cavin, from the town of Lotus in the Golden State (California)
Taylor learned to paddle while going to college in Indiana, but he high-tailed it to the granite mecca of California, and now calls the Sierras his favorite place to paddle.
Kim Russell, current hometown: Bend, Oregon
Kim says it all, “When I'm in my kayak, I can't stop smiling. The feeling is…pure bliss.”

Rounding out the team are the local athletes. We consider them members of our extended family. They work closely with the team members to promote the sport, offer training and advice and represent Wave Sport regionally. On this roster are: Logan Grayling, Chris Harjes, Charlie Simmons, Mikkel St. Jean-Duncan, Brenna Kelleher, Chris Baer, Tyler Fox, Dave Nieuwenhuis, Jonny Meyers, Thomas Fahrun, Macy Burnham, Alexandre Sevegny, Eric Bissel and Connor McLeod.

Check out the team bios and join the community forum at the Wave Sport site: http://www.wavesport.com and join us on Facebook.

About Wave Sport:
Wave Sport was founded in 1986 with a dedication to all things whitewater, and that philosophy holds true today. For Wave Sport, paddling is a journey - over the course of a day, a year or a lifetime. Some journeys are destined for the chilled out fun of surfing a local, glassy wave, while the journey for others may culminate in a first descent of some remote and enormous drop. For those who believe that paddling isn't just an activity, it's a way of life, Wave Sport welcomes you to the ride. Join the Wave Sport Community at www.wavesport.com.

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