Wave Sport Announces 2009 Team Roster

Official team roster for Wave Sport, including team members, ambassadors and local athletes.

Easley, S.C. – Ultimately, Team Wave Sport is a state of mind. It's anyone whose passion for kayaking determines how they live their life. We're proud to say our team takes the passion, the excitement for the sport and the devotion to rivers to the next level. The “official” Team Wave Sport is an insanely talented group of athletes who are entirely dedicated to promoting the sport and protecting the playgrounds. It includes the core team members, team ambassadors and local athletes.

Chosen for their accomplishments and for their tireless pursuit of the next big adventure, next competition or just the next day on the river, the core team members have a collective resume of jaw-dropping achievements. More importantly, they're all darn good people. This year's team is: Bryan Kirk (also team manager), Tyler Curtis, Tanya Faux, Trip Jennings and Kelsey Thompson.

Wave Sport ambassadors for 2009 are: Todd Baker, Taylor Cavin, Taylor Cote, Logan Grayling, Kim Russell and Mariann Saether.

Rounding out the team are the local athletes. We consider them members of our extended family. They work closely with the team members and ambassadors to promote the sport, offer training and advice and represent Wave Sport regionally. On this roster are: Chris Baer, Jason Beakes, Macy Burnham, Elaine Campbell, Tyler Fox, Thomas Fahrun, Chris Harjes, Brenna Kelleher, Jonny Meyers, Dave Nieuwenhuis, Jed Selby, Alexandre Sevegny, Charlie Simmons and Mikkel St Jean-Duncan.

Check out the team bios and join the community forum at the brand new Wave Sport site: http://www.wavesport.com.

About Confluence Watersports:

Located in Easley, S.C., Confluence Watersports is the result of blending the unique watersports brands: Wilderness Systems®, Perception®, Dagger®, and Wave Sport® kayaks, Mad River Canoe®, Adventure Technology® paddles, and Harmony® accessories. With a full representation of canoes, and kayaks ranging from touring and recreational to high-performance whitewater boats, the Confluence brands are well suited to outfit all paddling enthusiasts. People passionate about the outdoors run the company today: advocates who are dedicated to bringing more people to the water. For more information, please visit: http://www.confluencewatersports.com


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