UCO Titan Stormproof Matches Win Best In Show at Outdoor Retailer

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Gear Junkie Best In Show Winter 2015

Seattle, WA – Rain, wind or shine, UCO’s new Titan Stormproof Matches guarantee to bring the user heat and light. Burning for up to 25 seconds, the Titan Stormproof Match™ is the longest-burning windproof and waterproof match on the planet, and will even re-light itself after being submerged in water. Recognizing the value in this development, Gear Junkie granted the Titan Matches with their “Best In Show” award at the recent Outdoor Retailer Winter Market show in Salt Lake City.

“The category of camping matches rarely sees big upgrades, but the Titan Stormproof Match is something new with its oversize build and 4 inches of strike-to-light flammable material,” says Stephen Regenold, editor and founder of GearJunkie.com.

The Titan Stormproof Match Kit includes 12 matches, 3 replaceable strikers, a waterproof case that floats, and a cord for attachment to lanyard. The Titan Stormproof Match is also available without the case and is sold in packs of 25 with 2 spare strikers. Each match is 4.125" long, almost double the length of a standard match. MSRP, Kit: $9.99, MSRP, 25-pack: $9.99.


The UCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit will hit retail shelves Summer 2015.

About UCO
UCO (pronounced “you-co”) provides trusted essentials in heat, light, and power that can be used in the home or the outdoors. Founded in Redmond, WA in 1971, UCO creates products that light the way for peace of mind in the great outdoors, including the Original Candle Lantern™ and Stormproof Matches™. UCO is a division of Industrial Revolution, Inc., a Seattle-based company that manufactures and distributes products enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. For additional information, visit http://www.ucogear.com


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