UCO is Bringin’ Home the Bacon Scented Candles


Seattle, WA – UCO invites you to gather around the fire and breathe in the scent of all-natural, local bacon from the happiest pigs in their neighborhood with the UCO Bacon Scented Candle. Perfect for car-campers, UCO’s Bacon Scented Candle burns for up to nine hours offering plenty of time to fill your kitchen campsite and your nostrils with the delicious scent of frying bacon.

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Teaming up with pasture-raised, hormone-free certified small neighborhood farms, UCO’s Bacon Scented Candle has zero trans-fat and helps users enjoy the benefits of bacon without the bad cholesterol. Pleasing for all types of bacon-lovers, the candle is available in Maple and Low Sodium scents.


“Our goal is to make that stale granola bar or boring ramen noodle dinner taste that much better by infusing camper’s surroundings with captivating scent of bacon,” says UCO president Graeme Esarey. “Creating unique and memorable products that deliver satisfaction to our customers is our top priority.”

The brand has a patent pending on their unique method of combining bacon grease with beeswax and extruding bacon in a flammable form.

The UCO Bacon Scented Candle will be hitting shelves at a retailer near you in April of 2035.

About UCO
Cascadian born in 1971, UCO (pronounced “you-co”) provides trusted essentials in heat, light, and power that can be used from the backcountry to the barnyard. Delivering light where you need it, UCO’s versatile product line includes various Candle Lanterns™, LED Lighting, matches, StakeLights™, and portable grills. UCO is a division of Industrial Revolution, Inc., a Seattle-based company that manufactures and distributes products enjoyed by bacon lovers and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

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