Greenlight Planet partners with Pale Morning Media for public relations support


CHICAGO, IL – Greenlight Planet (, creators of reliable, durable and affordable solar lanterns, is entering the outdoor market with the support of public relations partner, Pale Morning Media (

Launched in 2005 by a trio of young, global entrepreneurs dedicated to reducing the use of dirty fuels, Greenlight Planet’s solar-powered Sun King™ lanterns have provided sustainable light to more than 7.5 million users in rural India and Africa. The Sun King™ is responsible for offsetting more than 290,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

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Committed to innovation and value, Sun King™ solar lanterns are designed to withstand the most formidable environments and weather conditions. The lanterns have undergone extensive field-testing and been modified over time to ensure maximum durability.

“Greenlight Planet's mission empowers individual growth and adventure, through the sustainable power of the sun. Our eco-friendly Sun King™ solar lights provide a reliable, long-lasting and durable light source for all scenarios,” said Bryanna Mannis Marketing Manager North America, Greenlight Planet. “Whether you're on an outdoor adventure, reading at home or in an emergency situation, our solar lights are brighter and have a longer lasting battery than any other product on the market. We're so excited for Sun King™ to hit the market because we believe that we'll be the first solar light to be used on a daily basis throughout North America.”

Sun King™ solar lantern products feature a breakthrough 5-year lithium ferrophosphate battery, the first in the outdoor marketplace to burn for 30 straight hours.

The Economist posited, “The best solar lamp among those tested was the Sun King, produced by an Indian company, Greenlight Planet. It was purchased off the shelf from an African supermarket for $24. The Sun King’s almost dazzling light was appreciated by users, as was its seemingly unbreakable design.”

Versatile, portable and practically indestructible, Sun King™ lanterns are available in Eco, Solo and PRO models. After a single sunny day of charging, the Sun King™ Eco ($17.99) shines for thirty straight hours on its lowest setting.

The Sun King™ Solo ($24.99) has two brilliant lamps: a wide-angle beam for general illumination and a spot light for reading or walking at night.

The newly upgraded Sun King™ PRO ($49.99) has won wide acclaim as the world’s best solar home light and phone charger. Fifteen times brighter that harmful kerosene lanterns, the Pro model has dual USB ports capable of charging a phone while simultaneously powering an additional appliance or a second device. 

An ideal addition to any emergency kit, hunting camp or off-grid homestead, Sun King™ lanterns include a separate aluminum solar panel with a five-meter cord and a removable rigid metal stand for tabletop use. Additionally, the stand can be suspended from the wall, ceiling or used as a flashlight.

Providing some of the strongest, clearest light available in its category (15 times brighter than harmful, unhealthy Kerosene burning lanterns) Sun King™ solar lanterns deliver long-lasting illumination to residents of the developing and modern worlds alike.

"As much as Sun King™ solar lights are groovy, functional and incredibly durable, it’s the story behind the product that made me a believer,” said Drew Simmons, president of Pale Morning Media. "Greenlight Planet is the real deal: a true social enterprise delivering a world-class renewable energy product that’s actually useful. Sign me up."

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