UCO Brings Sophisticated Lantern to the Outdoors

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Seattle, WA – The innovative design team at UCO introduces the Tetra LED Lantern + USB Charger™, a three-in-one product that is ideal for emergency preparedness kits, extended backcountry adventure, the home or car. UCO’s new rechargeable and collapsible Tetra LED Lantern + USB Charger™ shifts easily between flashlight and lantern functions and features a USB-charger port perfect for charging a camera, mobile phone, or GPS.

The Tetra has a durable, water-resistant housing that helps ensure illumination and a reliable source of power in foul weather. The Tetra is 4.5-ounces, and just 4.75 inches long when closed and offers a long-lasting battery life: the Tetra will run 50 hours, and has adjustable brightness up to 150 lumens.

 "We focus on creating multipurpose, efficient tools that can be used in the home or the outdoors,” says Graeme Esarey, Industrial Revolution’s President. “The Tetra is a dependable lantern, a bright flashlight, and the option to use it as a charger – when needed – makes it an ideal emergency choice for the home, car, or RV.”


Powered by a rechargeable 2.5AH Li-Ion battery, the frosted globe of the Tetra slides up for a diffused white light in lantern mode and collapses down for flashlight mode with a super bright R3 XP-G CREE LED beam projection of 150 ft. Additional features include a split ring for hanging and an LED indicator light that displays battery level and charging status. The Tetra’s MSRP is $49.99. 

The Tetra will debut at January trade shows including CES and Outdoor Retailer. Stop by the booth at Outdoor Retailer, #38.

About UCO

UCO (pronounced “you-co”) stands for Utility, Comfort, and Originality. Founded in Redmond, WA in 1971, UCO makes products designed to meet emergency preparedness needs and make time spent outdoors safer and more comfortable, including the Original Candle Lantern and Stormproof Matches. UCO is a division of Industrial Revolution, Inc., a Seattle-based company that manufactures and distributes products enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. For additional information, visit www.ucogear.com. 


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