Traveling with Skis is getting a New Look


NEW Sportube Dealer Rental Program

Sportube is changing the face of ski and snowboard hard case sales.

Sportube will be introducing the rental case package for the 17/18 season. This new program is designed to increase dealer revenue streams and provide customers with more travel opportunities.

The Sportube rental case program assists ski shops in ensuring their customers get their favorite gear to their vacation destination safely. Some families are only fortunate to make one or two trips a year to the mountains, but they still need reliable transportation protection for their gear.

The Sportube rental cases will be produced in a sleek, charcoal grey color – unlike anything else currently on the market. The rental program will include the Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 Sportube hard cases, ensuring that the individual skier, family of shredders or snowboarders can travel with ease and in style.


Plan Ahead, Ship Instead

There’s no better feeling than binding in to your own skis or snowboard for your first run of the day. You know how they perform and what to expect. You know how they are tuned, and you haven’t had to wait in line at the rental shop to pick out equipment that might not be suited more

NEW Freestyler Series

You know how the old saying goes: The family that skis together, stays together! Get the whole family geared up for the mountain with Sportube’s new Freestyler™ Junior Series, launching for the 2017/18 season and consisting of one ski bag and one boot bag. Made of 600D polyester more

Protect Your Gear

You invest your hard-earned money in top-notch ski and snowboard gear. It stands to reason, then, you should invest in their longevity. Traveling to and through the mountains can put your gear through the wringer if not properly protected. The best protection around is a Sportube more

Meet the New Sportube Reps

Sportube, the leading manufacturer and distributor of ski and snowboard travel gear, has hired on new regional representatives. Rick Randall // New England Rick Randall manages Breakaway Sports Group, which represents snow sport, outdoor and cycling brands in the Northeast more