Gadgethead Gives Sportube a Look


Gadgethead reviewed the Series 3 Sportube Hard Case and awarded it 4 out of 5 stars. Here's what they had to say:

The Series 3 by Sportube is their largest and most versatile case. The idea behind the product is that when you go on trips with family and friends, you can all consolidate your gear into the one Sportube. It was originally designed to hold two snowboards with boots and bindings, but it will hold three sets of skis or a snowboard and skis, spear fishing gear - all sorts, really!

The Series 3 is made from a high-density polyethylene (the same material the bottom of skis and snowboards are made from) that protects your equipment whether you are traveling by plane, train, car or even shipping your equipment. The case feels tough, but at the same time is surprisingly lightweight at only 14lbs. The dimensions are 368mm wide, 200mm deep and 183cm long, but the magic here is that just under half of the case collapses in on itself, thus reducing the length down to 107cm and making it more compact for storage at home or whilst on holiday. This also means that when the Sportube is fully loaded, you can fit it to the size of your gear, making sure it is only ever as big as it needs to be.

The Series 3 is available in black or a funky bright orange (‘Blaze’). There are two wheels at the back end to make it easier to move during travel. The issue we had with the case was that the wheels are quite small and deeply set, meaning that if the floor isn’t completely flat, the bottom of the case catches on the ground and curb. This could easily be improved by larger wheels, which may also take some of the pressure off your arm when it drops off the curb, as currently the wheels aren’t very shock resistant. That said, there is padding at either end of the case to protect your gear from bashing about, and there are straps inside to help keep things in place. The straps do seem a bit cheap, however, and I’m not convinced they would be particularly durable over repeated use.

The Series 3 Sportube is a tough and durable travel case. I hope to see improvements in the wheels in the next edition, but as it is, it is still a worthwhile investment. RRP $229.95


Adjustable length


Two colours available


Large capacity


Wheels on the small side

Straps inside seem cheap

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Gadgethead March 2017 14


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