Thule to Introduce Snow Chain Line with Easy and Quick Installation

A line of user-friendly snow chains that install in a matter of minutes is being launched in North America this fall by Thule.
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A line of user-friendly snow chains that install in a matter of minutes is being launched in North America this fall by Thule. Thule's Konig brand of snow chains are recognized as the best in the world and two of its most popular models, the T-Two Magic and Super Magic, will be introduced under the Thule brand in North America. In support of the launch, Thule has teamed up with the Expeditions West Arctic Ocean Expedition which will be using Thule snow chains on their trip from Prescott, AZ to the Arctic Ocean.

“The beauty of our snow chains is the simplicity of the installation process- you just put them on and go,” said Tripp Wykoff, Thule's VP of Sales and Service. “Traditionally snow chains have been cumbersome and difficult to install, but with our system you only have to get out of your vehicle once to install them, and the self tensioning and self centering system takes care of the rest.”

Thule's snow chains feature a patented self centering and auto tensioning system which adjust for a perfect fit. Once the chains are wrapped around the tire, the installation process is completed when the vehicle is set in motion. As the wheels turn the patented self centering and auto tensioning system activates and the chain tightens around the tire.

“We looked at a number of snow chains before selecting Thule's for our expedition,” said Scott Brady trip leader and founder of Expeditions West. “The chains feature a square block edge, which is great for traction and the diamond pattern ensures good lateral traction that we'll need on the frozen Mackenzie River. The T-Two also provides fast installation, which will be critical for us when temperatures drop below minus 40 Fahrenheit.”

Brady departs for the Arctic Ocean on March 13 and will cover over 8,000 miles, much of which will be snow covered and in below zero temperatures. For the expedition Brady selected the Thule T-Two No-Problem with Thule's patented auto tensioning and self centering system and the Thule Polar chains that feature a heavy, welded t-bar chain for extreme mud and deep snow and were built specifically for the trip.

Thule snow chains are hand made in Italy of a through hardened Manganese Nickel Alloy Steel (MnNi) and feature dual sided D-shaped links, which provide exceptional traction and extend the life of service of the product. For easier installation in the dark or during the day, the attachment points of the chains are color coded. Included with each set of chains are an installation mat, pair of gloves, and spare links.

The Super Magic models have additional features including a patented quick release. To remove a Super Magic snow chain it only takes a tug of a pull-string for the chain to drop from the tire. The Super Magic also features Ice Breaker reinforcements that provide additional traction.

Thule dealers interested in offering Thule's line of snow chains in their stores should contact their Thule sales representative.

Thule snow chains will begin shipping to retailers in August 2007 and will range in price depending on model and wheel size from $119.00 to $279.00.

About Expeditions West and the Arctic Expedition
Expeditions West is a team of adventure drivers and explorers that travel to the most remote and challenging regions of the globe, while testing and documenting the high quality vehicles, accessories and outdoor equipment.

On March 13th, 2007 two drivers and a videographer will set out on a 24 day expedition from Prescott, Arizona to the Arctic Ocean and lands end at N69 26, W133 01. The team will cover 8,481 Miles in a specially prepared Toyota Tacoma. Along the way they will be camping and testing fluids, expedition equipment and aftermarket vehicle accessories, as well as documenting the expedition through film and video. Learn more about Expeditions West and the Arctic Expedition at

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