The Love Hate Relationship with Camping and What Outdoor Brands can do About It: The Clymb, Hipcamp and MERCURYcsc to Co-Host Marketing Webinar


Bozeman, Mont. – July 20, 2015 – Camping stinks. According to the latest issue of The Pulse from Think T+O™, most people wouldn’t describe camping as fun. So how do we market it? This Thursday, July 23 from 12-12:45 p.m. EST, The Clymb, Hipcamp and MERCURYcsc will explore this ostensible disconnect and discuss how marketers can still succeed in reaching the conflicted camper during the free webinar, Camping: If it’s not Fun, How do we Sell it?

Think T+O, a research effort that boasts a proprietary panel of experiential travelers across North America, recently revealed that 91% of campers love to hate a night out under the stars. And while they readily cite various discomforts associated with the act – mosquitos, unreliable weather, and bathroom inconveniences – the adventure itself satisfies their need for primal connection, personal development and the creation of meaningful experiences.

A panel of industry experts will explore this unspoken truth – our love-hate relationship with camping – and how marketers can capitalize on it by speaking to both the realities of pitching a tent in the rain, and the romanticism of adventures in the outdoors.

Panel hosts include Luis Vargas, EVP of Consumer Engagement at The Clymb, Alyssa Ravaiso, founder and CEO of Hipcamp, and Maclaren Latta, VP of Consumer Insights at MERCURYcsc and head of Think T+O.

About MERCURYcsc and Think T+O™:

MERCURYcsc is an award-winning communications agency based in Bozeman, Mont. Fueled by its Think T+O research panel, MERCURY successfully connects brands and destinations with people who value authentic places, the outdoors and immersive experiences. Sign up to receive The Pulse: quarterly reports on travel and outdoor trends.

Molly Ambrogi-Yanson
PR/Earned Media Manager, MercuryCSC