Suspension Experts Launches Program for Mountain Bikers to Demo Cane Creek’s Double Barrel Air & Double Barrel Coil Shocks


Asheville, NC - An all new “try before you buy” program for mountain bike riders interested in sampling Cane Creek’s Double Barrel rear shock series has launched at Asheville-based Suspension Experts. Customers who are interested in testing the DBcoil and DBair can contact or stop by Suspension Experts’ shop to sign up to demo the shocks.


Both the DBcoil and DBair shocks are designed to enable custom, rider-tuned damping performance, optimizing every bike for every rider. The newer DBair shock has built upon the Double Barrel legacy to become the first air-sprung rear shock featuring Twin Tube technology and 4-way independent adjustability combined with an unrivaled level of quality.

Suspension Experts has in stock, both for demoing and for retail sale, a full range of sizes in both of Cane Creek’s DB shocks and is excited to be providing an easy way for riders to test the shocks. Not only will the program help to directly introduce the technologically advanced suspension components to potential consumers, but it will also introduce them to the knowledgeable staff at Suspension Experts – the mountain bike industry’s most focused resource for suspension work. The Technicians at Suspension Experts offer riders, bike shops and manufacturers unparalleled expertise and unfailingly personal service. 

 “Customers have wanted a way to try our DB shocks before they buy for years. It was a logical evolution for us to develop this program through our service centers,” says Malcolm Hadley, Director of Suspension Service at Cane Creek. “Suspension Experts has strong product knowledge which they use to provide excellent feedback - making them a valuable R&D resource for us. We view Suspension Experts as an extension of Cane Creek and this Demo program adds to the strength of our long-standing relationship.”

The DB shock demo program will be ongoing and is available to interested customers within the US. Customers who are local to Asheville, NC can avoid a shipping and handling charge by visiting the Suspension Experts shop in person.

About Suspension Experts:

Founded in 2005, Asheville, North Carolina-based Suspension Experts serves riders, bike shops, and manufacturers with rebuilding and tuning of all major brands of mountain bike suspension systems and retail sales. Experienced riders with the technical know-how to restore and maximize performance on brands including Fox, RockShox, Cane Creek and Manitou, the staff at Suspension Experts provides unparalleled personal service and fast-turnaround time so that bikers can get back out on the trail in top form. For more information or driving directions to the shop, call Suspension Experts at 828-255-0205 or email or visit

About Cane Creek Cycling Components:

Cane Creek has a long, rich history in the evolution of bicycle suspension technologies and is among the world’s largest producers of bicycle headsets. Located in the mountains of Western North Carolina, the employee-owned company designs and manufactures class-leading bicycle components, including the Double Barrel rear shock, 110-Series and AngleSet headsets, and Thudbuster seatpost. To learn more about Cane Creek contact (800) 234-2725 or visit