Source Outdoor Sues Hydrapak

Source Outdoor Sues Hydrapak Over Hydration Reservoir Patent Infringement

Source Vagabond Systems, Ltd., parent company of the Source line of hydration systems and sports sandals, has announced that it is suing Hydrapak Inc. for patent infringement over the unique closure mechanism of Source's award-winning Widepacâ„¢ reservoir.

Source's lawsuit contends that Hydrapak's Reversible Reservoir II infringes on United States Patent No. 7,648,276, entitled “Sealing Device for Flexible Liquid Container”, issued to Source by the US Patent and Trademark Office on January 19, 2010.

Source is seeking an injunction to prevent Hydrapak from further infringement of Patent No. 7,648,276 and the awarding of compensatory damages and coverage of legal costs.