SOLE donates more than $518,000 to charity through new footbed collection

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The collection donates a portion of each purchase to charities close to the hearts of three athlete ambassadors



Canadian company SOLE has refreshed its popular line of ambassador-sponsored insoles as the new Performance footbed collection. The collection is made up of three footbeds of varying thickness, with each one sponsored by one of SOLE's high-level athlete ambassadors, Dean Karnazes, Chris Davenport, and Ed Viesturs. The collection donates a portion of each purchase to charities close to the hearts of these ambassadors. So far, SOLE has donated over $518,000 to Protect Our Winters, Big City Mountaineers and Karno Kids to date through this collection of footbeds.

These footbeds feature the same supportive shape that SOLE is known and loved for, proven time and again to eradicate foot pain, fatigue and prevent injury. They also have the unique feature of 100% recycled cork bases, which are heat and wear moldable to give you customized support exactly where you need it. They continue to receive rave reviews for durability, performance, comfort and pain relief.

"They are absolutely bullet-proof", says ultramarathon runner and SOLE ambassador Dean Karnazes, who never runs without SOLE in his shoes.

The use of recycled cork in footbeds is a completely original and environmentally friendly invention by SOLE. The cork used is recycled by ReCORK™, North America's largest wine cork recycling initiative which was adopted by SOLE in 2008. Repurposing natural wine corks into footwear removes it from the waste stream while creating a natural material that replaces environmentally harmful ones otherwise used in footwear production.

Recycled cork is ideal for use in footbeds as it not only completely environmentally sustainable, but is also moisture-wicking, odor-reducing and has an elasticity that absorbs shock and allows it to mold to the wearer's feet. SOLE's footbed collections have three levels of cushioning to provide the perfect amount of padding and SOLE's industry-leading orthopedic support built right in. Scientifically proven to improve balance, posture and stability the shape of SOLE reduces strain put on vulnerable parts of the foot. The supportive high arch, metatarsal pad, and deep heel cup promote the foot's natural alignment and drastically reduce discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis and other common orthopedic conditions.

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