SodaStream Unveils World Without Bottles Display in Downtown Winnipeg - SNEWS

SodaStream Unveils World Without Bottles Display in Downtown Winnipeg

Display Highlight's the amount of waste generated by an average family of four

WINNEPEG, MANITOBA – SodaStream – the world's environmental answer to drinking great tasting carbonated beverages – has set up a large display of plastic bottles outside of the Winnipeg Bombers game today in Winnipeg, Manitoba to show people just how many plastic bottles are typically consumed by a family of four over a three year period.

The large cage that those attending the game today will see contains over 6,500 bottles. “There really is no need for the kind of waste that people will see today,” said Marta Mikita-Wilson, President and CEO Eco Stream Canada. “We want people to understand how easy it is to make great tasting soda at home and for them to realize the impact that soda in plastic bottles is having on the environment.”

As part of its event today in Winnipeg, which is taking place outside of Home Outfitters on St James Street, SodaStream Canada will be providing samples to show people the clean tasting alternative to name brand carbonated beverages – and demonstrating the savings that can be made both to a consumer's wallet and the environment.

Over the next few months SodaStream's cage of bottles will be on display at key retailers across the country allowing people to see first hand the amount of waste that is generated by just one average family.