SJK (Slumberjack) Ups Their Game with DriDown™ Hydrophobic Down Insulation in Two New Sleeping Bags


Lighter and warmer, SJK’s Sojourn and Lapland sleeping bags will outperform

ordinary down bags in any environment

Boulder, Colo. (March 15, 2016) –SJK (Slumberjack), makers of a wide range of hunting, camping, and outdoor gear, is proud to up their sleeping bag game and introduce the revolutionary DriDown hydrophobic down technology in the new for 2016 Sojourn and Lapland sleeping bag collections.

Representing the evolution of down insulation, DriDown is ordinary down treated with a molecular-level polymer to create a hydrophobic finish on each individual down plume. This finish allows DriDown to stay dry 10-times longer, retain 2.7-times more loft, and dry 33% faster than untreated down, keeping you warmer in any environment.

“Lighter, warmer, and more compressible than any other natural or synthetic insulation, down is widely accepted as the best insulation available. But it has one major flaw. As it gets wet from rain, condensation, humidity, or sweat, it begins losing its loft and its ability to keep you warm,” said Marily Melis, marketing manager for SJK. “DriDown allows hunters, anglers, and campers to benefit from down’s light weight and warmth without losing warmth in damp conditions.”

By designing the Sojourn and Lapland sleeping bag collections with DriDown, SJK will be able to appeal to a wide-range of outdoor enthusiasts. And with useful features such as a roomy cut and twin two-way zippers for venting and “arms-out” functionality, these bags blend comfort and convenience to enhance any overnight experience.

Sojourn: Insulated with 100% 650-fill DriDown, the Sojourn is the lightest, most compressible sleeping bag in the SJK line-up. Warm and packable, the Sojourn is ready for any backcountry adventure. Available in temperature ratings from -20 to 40, this bag ranges in price from $149 to $299 and weighs 2lbs, 15oz in the 20-degree model. Click HERE for video.

Lapland: With light, warm, and compressible 550-fill DriDown on top and supportive Slumberloft PRO synthetic insulation on the bottom, the Lapland sleeping bag is a perfect blend of weight and comfort. Available in temperature ratings from -20 to 40, the Lapland ranges in price from $119 to $199 and weighs 3lbs, 5oz in the 20-degree model. Click HERE for video.

The Sojourn and Lapland are new for spring 2016 and are currently available at SJK retailers everywhere.

About SJK (Slumberjack)

For over 50 years SJK (Slumberjack) has led the outdoor industry, creating new and innovative gear to enhance any wilderness experience. Offering a wide assortment of tents, sleeping bags, camp furniture, and a new tactical hunting line, SJK continues to be the go-to brand for comfortable, functional, and easy to use outdoor equipment. Whether heading out on an overnight camping trip with friends and family, an epic weeklong elk hunt, or anything in between, SJK has your outdoor experience covered.

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