BROMMA, Sweden – Silva, makers of high quality compasses and headlamps has consolidated their sales and distribution efforts in the United States. The legacy brand, founded in 1933 has long been the leader in compass and trail navigation is set to expand its successful European headlamp business into the United States, with Liberty Mountain distribution acting as Silva’s Sales Agent. Additionally, Silva has retained Press Forward PR for communications and outreach.

“We know that we have differentiated products ideal for the U.S. market,” explained Harald Molander, SILVA’s export sales manager, “Now we have the means to get them to the market and to tell our story.”
“Silva is a legendary name in the outdoor world. Every scout, every orienteer, every industry veteran has found due north from a Silva. We’re grateful to be telling their story,” described Andrew Gardner, founder of Press Forward PR.

Silva’s headlamp business has grown with their multi use lamps, the Trail Speed and the versatility they offer to a wide ranging outdoor user. Silva’s culture was originally founded in orienteering and has evolved to fast moving sports making them a logical choice for backcountry athletes and ultra runners alike. In addition to the countless independent retailers supported by Liberty Mountain, REI has taken inventory of Silva headlamps for the 2019 holiday season.

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