RANDOLPH, VT - Vermont Glove, a 100-year-old company that hand cuts and stitches gloves in Vermont, is launching its retail program, partnering with Huckberry, Gardener’s Supply, and Airstream Supply Company. In addition, the storied company will be sold in local retailers.

“Customers and retailers alike appreciate that we’ve been around for 100 years, making the same excellent product,” says Sam Hooper, Owner and President of Vermont Glove. “We haven’t been swayed by the trends and tides. Our gloves have always been made out of goat leather, and have always been made right here in Randolph, Vermont.”

Founded in 1920, the nearly 100-year-old company largely has been Vermont’s best-kept secret, building durable trades gloves sold to electric utility companies around the country. Their everyday work gloves could be purchased directly at the factory or by mail order. In 2017, Sam Hooper bought the company with the goal of preserving its commitment to Vermont manufacturing, while modernizing its sales and marketing channels to reach more customers and ensure the long-term success of the company.

“My dad and grandfather both wore Vermont Gloves as I was growing up on the family farm. Preserving the legacy of this 100-year-old company, and ensuring it stays made right here in Randolph, was my main motivation for getting involved with Vermont Glove first as an apprentice under the third-generation owner, and now as owner, setting the company up for success for the next 100 years. A big part of that success will be our partnership with local shops and retailers,” says Hooper.

Since 2017, the company has also gone net-zero at the Randolph factory, installing a solar array on the roof and transitioning from coal to renewable wood pellets for heat, further expanding on their company motto “we stitch like we give a shit.”

“At Vermont Glove, we are motivated by our purpose, not our profit,” says Hooper. “As we grow, we will create the opportunity to magnify our impact and advocate for sustainable business practices and support rural manufacturing jobs. Expanding our reach into local and national retailers is an important step.”

In addition to national e-commerce retailers Huckberry, Airstream, Gardener’s Supply, and Lock N Lube, Vermont Glove can be found in local retailers in Vermont, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Missouri, with more retailers across more states joining in 2020.