Shred Aims to Inspire Change by Reimagining Goggle Design

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Shred Aims to Inspire Change by Reimagining Goggle Design

The iconic brand partners with Connora Technologies, The CAPiTA Mothership, and Protect Our Winters to create a goggle using reclaimed, recycled, and organic materials

PARK CITY, Utah - January 25, 2016 - With the goal of inspiring others to reduce their environmental impact, Shred is proud to debut a goggle that uses reclaimed, recycled, and organic materials. And thanks to partnerships with Connora Technologies, The CAPiTA Mothership, and Protect Our Winters, this new goggle--the Simplify Natural--features content recycled from the snowboard manufacturing process. This collaboration marks the first time that multiple companies in the snow sports industry have teamed up to provide manufacturing scraps with a new life.

"Our passion and our industry are heavily affected by climate change," offers Ted Ligety, Shred co-founder and chairman. "We want to use Shred and the reach of our athletes as a means to address crucial issues and affect change. This commitment served as the catalyst for creating the Simplify Natural and, more importantly, fueling innovation that we hope can inspire others to reduce their impact on the environment."

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The goggle showcases a rig, pins, and adjuster made from epoxy resin that is reclaimed and recycled from The CAPiTA Mothership production facility. Recognized as a leader in environmentally responsible manufacturing, The Mothership is 100% hydro-powered and relies heavily on locally-sourced materials.

The Mothership will be using a new resin, ReRez™, to produce select boards. Developed by Connora Technologies, ReRez's innovative formulation allows flashing waste to be recycled rather than discarded in a landfill.

"For the first time ever, ReRez enables composite materials to be recyclable. 90% of the epoxy resin that is used to glue snowboards and skis together ends up in the landfill," explains Connora Technologies CEO Rey Banatao. "Through our ReRez technology, Connora enables all of this waste to be recovered. Once reclaimed, the epoxy resin can be transformed into a reusable thermoplastic that is injection moldable. This recycled content can then be used to make parts and equipment that go back into the industry."

According to CAPiTA and Shred team rider Kevin Backstrom, "We're stoked to give a new life to production scraps that were once destined for the landfill. The same resources that go into pressing my decks can now make their way into my goggles. I'm proud to be working with incredible companies that are able to team up to push the boundaries of our imagination."

In addition to its rig, pins, and adjuster, the Simplify Natural features a slew of materials that try to reduce impacts on the environment as much as possible. The goggle sports a frame that uses 30% recycled content, a strap made with 100% organic cotton, and face foam created with responsibly-sourced Merino wool fleece. The accompanying goggle bag is made with 100% recycled plastic derived from water bottles while the goggle box is made with 80% recycled paper and has a recyclable PET window. And to ensure it offers exceptional performance, the Simplify Natural also features the brand's signature technology, ShredWide™. This lens and frame design enables riders to see more of what is ahead and around them for unrivaled peripheral vision.

Shred Co-founder and CEO Carlo Salmini is quick to note that the Simplify Natural project is ever evolving. And, as such, its greatest value is in the lessons it provides. As he explains, "By fueling progression, collaborating with other companies across our industry, and leading by action and example, we can inspire others and show them what's possible." 

Ligety echoes these sentiments and hopes Shred's efforts resonate outside the snowsports industry. He explains, "We aim to inspire individuals to take action while also influencing policy makers and corporations that have an even greater impact on our planet." After all, as Backstrom notes, "If we don't make radical changes now, it may be too late to make them tomorrow."

The debut of the Simplify Natural coincides with Shred joining Protect Our Winters, the leading climate advocacy group for the winter sports community. Together, they're working to showcase this project as an example of meaningful collaboration between different companies within the same industry. Two percent of the sales of the Simplify Natural will also be donated to Protect Our Winters to bring awareness to the fight against climate change. 

"We are excited to be partnering with Shred," offers POW Executive Director Chris Steinkamp. "Not only is the company a leader in innovation within our industry, it's also committed to protecting the natural playgrounds where its products are enjoyed."

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Photo 1: Shred Simplify Natural Goggles and CAPiTA and Shred team rider Kevin Backstrom by Luca Crivelli

Photo 2: Shred Simplify Natural Goggles

Photo 3: CAPiTA and Shred team rider Kevin Backstrom by Luca Crivelli

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