Rider Sandals Expands Marketing Efforts

Launches New Ad, Partners with True North Brand Group For Public Relations

ORLANDO, FL. (February 20, 2013) – Rider Sandals, The Sole of Brazil, is increasing its marketing efforts in 2013 with a new spring ad campaign as well as the hiring of a PR firm to increase awareness among target dealers and consumers.

The new campaign, called “The Choice Is Always Yours” will appear in the April issue of YRB Magazine. The ad can be viewed at https://ridersandals.com/adyrb

At the same time, Rider Sandals has engaged True North Brand Group, Inc., out of Boston, to oversee its PR efforts.

True North Brand Group, Inc., will manage Rider’s B2B, B2C and Social Media Communication as well as promote the many events Rider participates in.

“Our shoes perform very well at retail and sell through at an above average rate,” said Angelo Daros, vice president marketing / first cost, Grendene USA. “We’re excited about our new product line which is bringing a lot of energy to the brand this year. Our relationship with True North will allow us to get our message out to a wider audience.”

Rider has a strong history of making sandals since 1986 and is one of the footwear industry’s best-kept secrets.

“The Rider brand, owned by the largest sandal manufacturer in the world, Grendene SA is doing some things – ranging from product styling and innovation to being on the forefront of eco-conscious manufacturing – that makes them one of the more unique brands in the industry,” said Mark Tedeschi, president of True North Brand
Group, Inc. “It may be a tired cliché, but if ever there were a company that could be called a ‘diamond in the rough’ that label would apply to Rider and we’re excited to be a part of their team and tell their story.”

Rider Sandals is owned by the Brazilian based Grendene SA, the largest maker of sandals in the world. As a Brazilian manufacturer, Grendene SA is held to the toughest manufacturing regulations in the world and environmental sustainability is an integral part of the company’s culture. Riders are made from 30 percent recyclable materials, while 99 percent of the industrial waste created in the manufacturing process is recycled or reused. It's this commitment to the people we serve and the planet we share that sets Rider apart. To learn more about Rider Sandals please visit www.ridersandals.com