reDEW Jeans Earth Prize Grants Over $27K to Save the Orangutan


reDEW Earth Prize 2016 Awarded to Save the Orangutan

NGO receives over $27,000 US from reDEW, Swedish denim brand wildlife conservation efforts

Stockholm, Sweden — (Dec. 20, 2016) — reDEW announced Save the Orangutan as winner of the 2016 reDEW Earth Prize. 250,000 Swedish krona — or over $27,000 U.S. dollars — was awarded to Save the Orangutan at a ceremony in Stockholm on Dec. 10th.

“Talk means nothing,” says Peter Lantz, co-founder of reDEW. ”Even though we pledge to give 25-percent of our future profit back to earth and to do it forever and ever, we wanted to make a statement by holding the first reDEW Earth Prize Awards even before we start to sell the jeans. That is, before we have a profit at all. The planet doesn’t wait, so neither do we!”

Through the reDEW Foundation, reDEW transfers 25-percent of its profit from making and selling jeans annually to support international wildlife conservation efforts. The brand was established so that the reDEW Foundation will always get 25-percent of the annual profits, forever, and aims to change the way business is done. 

“Earth is a beautiful home and if we wait any longer, it will only be more expensive to save it, continues Anders Haglund, reDEW co-founder. “Some people make life into a quest to save Earth, so that our grandchildren can also live here. We created the reDEW Earth Prize for them.

We embrace sustainability, focus on transparency and make unconventional, yet responsible decisions. Our first unconventional decision: giving away 25-percent of the profit to support endangered animals and their natural habitat through the reDEW Foundation. This marks the first step in making our dream a reality, and we are thrilled to announce Save the Orangutan as the first ever recipient of the inaugural Earth Prize,” adds Haglund. 

Save the Orangutan was one of three nominated projects this year, and was selected through a democratic, open voting system on reDEW’s website. While each project is worthy in its own right and was nominated based on vast contributions to wildlife conservation efforts, there could only be one winner. 

Save the Orangutan helps rescue, rehabilitate and reintroduce orangutans into their wild, natural habitat in the Borneo rainforest. In addition to protecting wild orangutans from extinction, funds from the reDEW Earth Prize will be used to maintain existing forests and restore the vast deforestation of the orangutan’s island rainforest home.

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reDEW is currently working to secure wholesale distribution in the United States and looking to work with outdoor specialty retailers who also value transparency, sustainability and giving back. reDEW jeans will be available for purchase worldwide, starting late spring 2017. For more information, please visit

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Jeans for women and men that have been in development the past three years, wear tested by artists, photographers, film makers, athletes and adventurers. The result is a unique combination of timeless, yet stylish looks competing with the best brands in the industry, while being made in a responsible way with focus on minimizing environmental impact.

Designed in Sweden and made in Africa out of the highest quality materials, reDEW jeans are built from fiber up, and made for the journey. reDEW uses processes that reduce the amount of water, chemicals and waste normally associated with an industry that produces over 1-billion pairs of jeans annually at a significant environmental cost. By transferring 25-percent of the profits annually to the reDEW Foundation in support of international wildlife conservation efforts, reDEW jeans is here to challenge the way business is done. The brand also aims to drive customer awareness in terms of repairing, reusing and recycling jeans. For more information, please visit