PROBAR® Receives a Health Magazine’s “Best in Food Award”

HEALTH Magazine, America’s leading publication for ‘vital information with a human touch’, has chosen PROBAR’s Superfood Slam to receive a 2008 “America’s Healthiest Foods” Award in the meal-replacement category.

HEALTH Magazine, America's leading publication for ‘vital information with a human touch', has chosen PROBAR's Superfood Slam to receive a 2008 “America's Healthiest Foods” Award in the meal-replacement category.

This honor is bestowed by a handpicked panel of industry experts who rate products for taste, nutrition and convenience. Winners in each category are spotlighted in the America's Healthiest Shopping Guide, a feature within the June issue of HEALTH Magazine.

PROBAR, the industry leader in wholesome meal-replacement nutrition bars, is dedicated to making a better tasting, healthier product. All 12 flavors – including the award-winning, antioxident powerhouse Superfood Slam – are 100% vegan and packed with raw, organic ingredients.

“We're honored to receive this award,” says PROBAR creator Art Eggertsen. ”HEALTH Magazine focuses on lifestyle choices across the wellness spectrum, so this underscores everything we're trying to do at PROBAR – putting healthy, convenient, delicious food into people's hands.”

The magazine's panel praised Superfood Slam for its 15 delicious whole foods ingredients including organic oats, peanut butter and sunflower seeds, and they noted the additional healthy benefits of açai berries for extra antioxidants and flaxseed for omega-3s.

Along with winning awards, PROBAR is fast becoming the bar of choice for health conscious athletes. Cycle-cross racer and vegan nutrition writer Christine Vardaros comments, “as a pro racer, I have naturally — or rather, unnaturally — sampled pretty much every so-called energy food. It seems like "food" was the part that was missing from most of them. Discovering PROBAR was a revelation. Since I cook and eat with almost obsessive passion, having a bar that is not only very complete in its nutrition but up to my fierce standards for high-quality ingredients and amazing, unadulterated flavors is truly delightful. It is the one item I never leave home without”.

HEALTH Magazine is the pre-eminent publication in its field, providing advice to its readers on diverse topics such as wellness, lifestyle and diet.

Christine Vardaros is a professional cycle-cross racer, a vegan, and a noted health and fitness columnist.

PROBAR can be found on shelves in retail stores nationwide, including REI, Whole Foods, local health food stores, coffee shops, and outdoor sports and bike shops. For more information visit


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