PROBAR to Debut New Sweet & Savory Bars

Park City, Utah – Whole food meal replacement leader Probar announces today the launch of a new line of “Sweet & Savory” nutrition bars.

Park City, Utah – Whole food meal replacement leader Probar announces today the launch of a new line of “Sweet & Savory” nutrition bars. The bars, including Sesame Goji, Cocoa Pistachio, Maple Pecan, Kettle Corn, and Cherry Pretzel, debuted in March at the annual Expo West trade show. It must be spring, because Probar is back with another collection of award-winning bars.

The five new bars in the Sweet & Savory line are a creative twist on the delicious, organic bars Probar is known for. Nutritious? Of course. Sustainable? Always. But this time, says Probar founder Art Eggertsen, there's something more: Flavor is king.

“The unique flavor combinations are what people will notice most,” says Eggertsen, who personally masterminded the new concoctions. “The bars are built on our basic carbohydrate-protein recipe, yet they're a little less sweet. They're still made on the 15 whole foods platform we've always had, but now the distinct flavors really stand out.”

Eggertsen says that retailers and end-users were the driving force behind the new bars. “We've been hearing it for years—people really wanted something different than the many bars already on the shelves.” The new Probars, says Eggertsen, were designed to meet demand. “We now offer a full assortment of diverse flavors—something for every palate. I have to admit, they were a lot of fun to make.” Eggertsen notes that positive feedback on this latest release has led to company plans for more unique whole food meal replacement products. “Sweet & Savory is just the beginning.”

The new Probars feature unsweetened chocolate, brown rice syrup, nut butters, and all utilize a peanut butter base. A key ingredient is salt from Heber City, Utah-based Redmond's Real Salt. The salt is mined from an ancient seabed deposit not far from Probar headquarters and is famous for its unique mineral profile and its unmatched capacity for replacing critical body electrolytes lost during exercise.

The new bars in the Sweet & Savory launch include:

Sesame Goji
A high-protein bar with calcium-rich organic sesame seeds and organic goji berries. Goji, which is also referred to as Wolfberry, is a highly prized fruit in Chinese medicine and is widely recognized as a “super food.”

Maple Pecan
Like sitting down to delectable maple syrup pancakes. A superb breakfast bar brimming with pecans.

Kettle Corn
A deliciously nutty popcorn treat with strong toasted-corn flavor. Bring it to the theater.

Cherry Pretzel
Pretzels with a twist, featuring whole Bing cherries and exceptionally smooth dark chocolate.

Cocoa Pistachio
A dream come true with peanuts, roasted pistachios, and unsweetened dark chocolate.

Following their debut at Expo West, the Sweet & Savory bars will be available to buyers this May. Probar can be found on shelves in retail stores nationwide, including Whole Foods, REI, and local health food stores, coffee shops, and outdoor sports shops everywhere. For more information go to



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