Princeton Tec MPLS Brings New Lighting System To Military

- Innovative and versatile Princeton Tec MPLS offers a simple and easy-to-use modular helmet light for the front lines -

TRENTON, NJ – When Princeton Tec was designing the new military-specific MPLS (Modular Personal Lighting System), four words stood as defining pillars in creating the versatile light: fast, light, simple and easy.

For 35 years, Princeton Tec has been an industry leader in producing innovative, bright and high-quality outdoor lights – from headlamps to industrial lights to SCUBA lights. With the introduction of the first-ever tactical modular light into the military, Princeton Tec brings personnel in all branches a reliable, dynamic light that is easy to use.

“We are committed to finding lighting solutions for the US Military,” says Ryan Ditta, Princeton Tec Outdoor Division manager. “The MPLS was developed in cooperation with many dedicated military personnel and we are honored to be working with them hand-in- hand in identifying their needs and providing real solutions.”

Made in the USA, the MPLS offers superior design to keep you moving further, faster and lighter. When on the helmet, the compact, modular personal lighting system operates using a directional light that can rotate 45-degrees in the bracket. A small aluminum adjustable boom extends your lighting capabilities by allowing you to further direct the light to any area you need it to shine – eliminating the need to carry a quiver of lights. Being a self-contained “modular” system which utilizes stainless steel mounting brackets, the water-resistant MPLS can be attached and relocated from the helmet to Molle to Picatinny or magnetically anywhere else in a quick, easy, seamless manner.

The result: a simple, functionally easy-to-use personal light that is versatile.

In developing the MPLS, Princeton Tec worked closely with members of the US Military who rigorously tested the light in the field. The extensive testing provided invaluable feedback which ultimately helped Princeton Tec create a must-have lighting tool for military personnel.

Available in red, blue, green, white and infrared LED colors, the 17-gram MPLS has a burntime of 36 hours, works efficiently down to negative 40-degrees and features a recessed on/off button to avoid accidental activation. The MPLS also has high and low modes for different lighting needs.

The MPLS is available in olive drab, black and tan and includes 2 - 2016 lithium batteries. MSRP: $49.99.

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