Primus announces first-ever 100% efficient backcountry stove

Bolstering the fuel efficiency of new EtaPower MultiFuel stove, Primus will purchase carbon offsets for unutilized fuel in all stoves sold
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LANDER, WYOMING (For Immediate Release) – With the debut of the EtaPower MultiFuel backcountry stove, Primus raised eyebrows with a powerful and efficient stove that's capable of burning twice as long from a single fuel canister than average stoves on the market.

And with the announcement that it will purchase carbon offsets for the small amount of fuel not utilized directly by the stove … Primus has created the first 100-percent efficient backcountry stove.

“Backcountry stoves are a necessity for any true outdoor enthusiast. But the majority of stoves out there are only 40% efficient, meaning the stove only captures and utilizes 40% of the fuel used – and that's simply not good enough,” said John Smithbaker, president of North American Gear and exclusive distributor of Primus stoves. “The new ETAPower stoves capture and utilize the energy from 80% of the fuel used.”

Primus' EtaPower MultiFuel backpacking stove blends one of the most fuel-efficient stove designs in the world with the convenience of omnivorous multi-fuel technology.

Able to burn any available fuel – pressurized LP gas, white gas, diesel, kerosene, or aviation fuel – the EtaPower MF stove so effective that less than 20% of the heat created during combustion is wasted, in contrast to the average rate of 60% in other stoves.

To account for the small volume of lost fuel efficiency in the EtaPower MF, Primus will contribute a donation for each unit sold to BaumInvest, an international carbon offset group. For this specific project, BaumInvest will use offsets to support the reforestation of Costa Rica.

ABOUT PRIMUS: An outdoor gear innovator for more than 100 years, Primus creates premium backcountry equipment for true outdoor enthusiasts. The Primus collection includes stoves, lanterns, cookware and headlamps. Primus is distributed in North America exclusively through NA Gear ( For more information, please contact Scott Kaier at Pale Morning Media,, 802.583.6070.


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