NEW Heated Boot Bags



There’s nothing worse than stepping into cold boots before heading out for a day on the mountain. Start your day with warm toes with Sportube’s new heated bag line. Made from strong, lightweight 600D (prints) or 840D (solids) polyester blended with 1680D polyester ballistic materials and airline check-in complaint, the Toaster™ and Toaster Elite™ make ski boots a bit more comfortable.

The new Toaster™ features a large front panel door for easy access and fits up to a size 32 ski boot. Weighing about 4 lbs, the Toaster™ is perfect for the lone skier or snowboarder fending off frostbite.

Need to warm more than one pair of boots? The large top-loading compartment on the Toaster Elite™ lets you arrange two pairs of boots within its 60 liter capacity.

With two power source options, the Toaster™ and Toaster Elite™ can be operated from either a standard home 110V wall outlet or on-the-go with the 12V plug for the car. Both bags have three heat settings to provide the perfect temperature to warm one or two pairs of ski/snowboard boots. We realize there’s little point putting on warm boots if you have to first stand on the cold ground, so both of our heated bags feature a comfortable floor mat for standing on while changing into your boots.

Available in three color options with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, the Toaster™ and Toaster Elite™ are perfect for the skier/snowboarder who might get cold feet about heading to the mountain in the cold, winter mornings.

Never head to the hill with cold feet again with Sportube’s new heated boot bag line. For more information on how to get yours, go online to or find a local dealer near you.


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