NEMO Wins Gear of the Year Award From National Geographic Adventure


NEMO Equipment, Inc. has won National Geographic Adventure’s top honors for its Canon™ -40 sleeping bag. The Gear of the Year award symbolizes the season’s best outdoor gear innovations. Hundreds of products are considered for the award, but only 25 game-changing new products are honored. This most recent award is NEMO’s 4th from National Geographic Adventure. The company’s Nocturne™ 15 Spoon™ Shape sleeping bag and Helio™ Pressure Shower were named Gear of the Year for Spring/Summer 2013 and its Astro™ Insulated with Pillowtop sleeping pad won in 2011. In 2013, NEMO products have won a total of 10 awards within the outdoor industry. 


Ultimate Winter Sleeping Bag.

“The next time you're camping in serious subzero conditions—which is already on the calendar, right?—NEMO’s Canon -40 is going to be your best choice for staying warm. The 850-fill bag is more than just stuffed with down, it's also taken design inspiration from the apparel of Inuit people, whose parka hoods form tunnels in front of their faces. NEMO calls this feature the Stove Pipe, and it creates a pocket of warmer air that protects your lungs and helps you sleep easier. And because overheating is an issue with bulky bags, the Canon has zippered gills along the legs and slits for your arms—you can vent as much or as little as you need,” said National Geographic Adventure’s Steve Casimiro.

Built for NEMO ambassadors and customers who don’t find themselves storing their camping gear for the winter, but enjoying all of the beauty and solitude the frozen landscape has to offer, Canon™ -40 was years in the making. Unique patent-pending Thermo Gills™ allow draft-free temperature regulation, improving comfort under a wide range of conditions; zippered arm openings enable wearing the bag while prepping gear and meals; Stove Pipe™ Tunnel Hood insulated with PrimaLoft® keeps a warm pocket of air around your face so breathing is comfortable in the bitter cold; and a unique footbox construction utilizes a combination of down and synthetic insulations to avoid cold spots. Every major aspect of the design is unique to NEMO and groundbreaking compared to existing mountaineering bags. 

“Our mission is always to improve the experience of adventure,” said Cam Brensinger, CEO and founder of NEMO Equipment, Inc. “On most expeditions, you experience a range of temperatures. The problem with conventional minus 40F bags is that they may be necessary on some nights, but too warm for other nights. Unzipping those bags leads to cold spots and tossing and turning. The goal with Canon™ -40 was to provide the maximum security and comfort from base camp to summit.” 

NEMO Equipment, Inc. is an outdoor gear manufacturer bringing high-level design and engineering to the outdoor industry. Founded in 2002 by Cam Brensinger, NEMO’s product line includes AirSupported® and traditional poled tents, sleeping bags, pads and accessories to enhance the outdoor experience. NEMO products can be found at specialty outdoor gear stores and online, across the US and internationally. For sales inquiries, please contact Brent Merriam, at, 603-236-7683. For media inquiries, please contact Kate Ketschek, Revolution House Media,, 603-828-1050.