NEMO partners with Primal Quest: limited edition, co-branded tent

NEMO Equipment partners with Primal Quest 2006 Expedition Adventure Race to produce a co-branded, limited edition tent, Hypno PQ. Available in limited quantities for summer 2006.

Available in limited edition, NEMO Equipment, Inc. and Primal Quest, LLC have joined together to create the world's foremost expedition adventure shelter, the Hypno PQ. Completely re-inventing tents, Hypno PQ marks a new industry standard for fast-packing, ultralight travel shelters. The NEMO tent represents an extraordinary collaboration with the architects of the 2006 Primal Quest Expedition Adventure Race and over two years of field development in demanding environments with world-class athletes.

At just 2.7 lbs, Hypno PQ is lighter than the “lightest freestanding two- person tent” published by the 2006 Backpacker Gear Guide. The tent features NEMO Equipment's award-winning AirSupported Technology™; recognized by TIME and Popular Science as one of the leading innovations of 2005. AirSupported Technology™ gives Hypno PQ distinct advantages in the sport of adventure racing and in all ultralight backcountry excursions. The low-pressure pneumatic system allows the tent to be set up in as little as 30 seconds with a 4 oz. compressible foot pump. The tent has no traditional poles or rigid structural elements, allowing it to pack very small and light.

During development, NEMO designers worked closely with several of the world's most elite adventure racing teams. The closest collaboration came from defending Primal Quest champions, U.S. team Nike/Balance Bar. In 2004, the team challenged NEMO's President and Founder, Cam Brensinger, to make the ultimate tent for ultralight adventure travel. In 2005, NEMO outfitted Nike/Balance Bar and several other elite teams with Hypno AR. Hypno PQ is the next evolution of the adventure tent with several notable refinements, including increased headroom, improved fabrics, lighter weight and smaller packed volume.

Hypno PQ is the official tent of Primal Quest 2006. In addition to housing racers, the tent will perform double duty as the official marker for checkpoints and transition areas throughout the 800 km race. Rich Brazeau, CEO of Primal Quest, commented: “NEMO Equipment is one of those companies really pushing the limits to enhance adventure. Creating this tent represents the cutting edge in ultralight adventure travel and well compliments Primal Quest's objectives.”

Primal Quest, generally considered to be the world's premier expedition adventure race, is slated for June 25-July 4, 2006 and will be an authentic, expeditionary 5 to 10-day race of up to 800 kilometers. To be held in the wild American West of North America, the expedition will give adventurers an opportunity to step back in time and experience raw, dramatic landscapes unlike anywhere else in the world. From high-altitude passes to rugged, desert terrain stripped bare by the powerful forces of nature, the premier endurance teams from around the globe will vie for bragging rights and a share of USD$250,000 - the largest cash purse in the history of adventure racing.

NEMO Equipment, Inc. was founded in 2002. NEMO's principle innovation is its use of a low-pressure pneumatic structure rather than aluminum tent poles. This “airbeam” structure allows their AirSupported Tents™ to be set up in less than a minute. All NEMO tents are single wall and constructed from the most advanced waterproof/breathable fabrics to eliminate redundancy and reduce weight. The combination of AirSupported Technology and single wall design results in some of the easiest to use, most enjoyable tents available. NEMO products can be found at selective specialty retail shops across North America as well as their website: or toll free at (800) 997.9301. NEMO has numerous patents pending.