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Mountain Hardwear Takes a Comprehensive Approach to its Athlete Team


Richmond, Calif. (December 19, 2014) – Mountain Hardwear, Inc., a leader in innovative, premium outdoor apparel, equipment and accessories, deepens its commitment to its Athlete Team in 2015, supporting and lauding their personal and professional achievements. The brand will focus its partnerships with talented brand ambassadors, who are revered and respected in their sports, and are dedicated to living life with fun and passion. Mountain Hardwear is committed to supporting its athletes, not only in their technical and athletic endeavors, but in their personal goals as well.

Mountain Hardwear has already started celebrating this approach in 2014 with Mountain Hardwear athletes Janet and Freddie Wilkinson and Mike Libecki. Mountain Hardwear shared the “real-life” story of climbers Freddie and Janet Wilkinson in a feature story, “Celebrating Winter the Wilkinson Way.” Using videos, photos and even recipes, Mountain Hardwear took a peek into the 12x12ft shack/cabin life. The Wilkinsons built and lived in their Shabin for five years deep in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where they were able to live simply and in close proximity to outdoor recreation. 

Recently, Mountain Hardwear followed athlete Mike Libecki and his 11-year-old daughter Lilliana on their ski expedition in Antarctica. Six years in the making the trip was a culmination of Mike’s two biggest passions: exploring the most remote and untouched locales on the planet and being a dedicated father to his daughter.

“We are so proud of the phenomenal athletes representing our brand,” said Mountain Hardwear President Topher Gaylord. “Not only are they highly accomplished athletes, they are leading authentic and adventurous lives. And we can’t wait to share more of their stories in 2015.”

With changes and additions to its Climbing, Skiing and Active Teams, Mountain Hardwear will announce its updated 2015 Athlete Team in January 2015.

About Mountain Hardwear:

Mountain Hardwear is a leader in innovative, premium outdoor apparel, equipment and accessories. We celebrate bold ideas, the drive to challenge the edges of our potential, and the joy, friendships and personal growth that come from that endeavor. We work with era-defining athletes to develop lightweight, easy-to-use and incredibly well-crafted outdoor clothing and equipment. Mountain Hardwear, Inc., founded in 1993 and based in Richmond, CA, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Columbia Sportswear Company and distributes its products through specialty outdoor, running, and sporting goods retailers in the United States and 58 countries worldwide.

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