It’s A Pack, It’s A Photography Studio – It’s the ClikStand…

Convert a Clik pack to a mobile photo studio - Clik ELite(tm) brings on the ClikStand(tm)...


It’s A Pack, It’s A Photography Studio,

It’s the ClikStand™…

St. George, UT, August 20, 2009 – Peak to ravine: now adventure photographers can haul it all – Clik Elite™ has mobilized the photography studio with the ClikStand™.

The ClikStand™ pulls double duty as pack frame that carries heavy loads with comfort and ease so photographers can hike, bike, ski, or climb to the action. Once they’re there the ClikStand™ is a stand that mounts and supports a mobile studio, and the self-supporting pack transforms to a high-functioning workstation.

Functions and Features include:

  • Constructed of burly, ultralight powder-coated anodized aluminum, the ClikStand’s™ design and construction keep gear out of dirt and snow.
  • SpinalColumn™ (patent pending): a quick-release, ergonomic, supportive backpack frame panel that handles heavy loads then quickly converts ClikStand™ packs to backcountry workstations.
  • Stabilizer Feet (patent pending) swing out for added stability and adjust for uneven terrain.
  • ClikMount™ (patent pending) comes standard with a ¼” mount that accepts a hot shoe, camera, scope or other gear and accepts optional ball heads for added versatility.
  • Super-fast Levers adjust height of ClikStand™ for optimal versatility.
  • Available on three pack models: Nature 35, Large Hiker, and Elite Pro (pictured).

About Clik Elite:

Based in Utah’s rugged canyon country, Clik Elite™ was founded in 2008 by a team of outdoor industry professionals. They make a complete line of innovative performance packs for adventure photographers that are the culmination of 25 years of experience designing and building packs for adventure racers, emergency medics, outdoor extremists, and photographers. See the line and learn more


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