Clik Elite™ - The OR Ugly Mug Contest: Meet the Winners

Clik Elite(tm) photographed Outdoor Retailer attendees at their worst for the first Ugly Mug Contest - today they announce the winners...

St. George, UT, August 13, 2009,– Sometimes when you win, you lose. Such is the case with Clik Elite’s™ Ugly Mug contest held at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. After sequestering themselves for some time to discuss the Mugs, the Clik™ team has made their decision. Please salute the 2009 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Ugly Mug Winners (click on their name to see their mug):

Says Walton: “I’m so glad I didn’t win – whew. I was worried when the office here in Seattle told me someone called to say I won the ugly mug contest.” While Walton did her best with her display of half-chewed sunflower-seed trail-mix stuff, Jim Knight was unstoppable. “He scared us,” says Clik Elite’s™ Gheen Hillman, “We’ve known him for years, but this man in the photo - this is not the man we know. But we congratulate Jim along with everyone that rolled their eyes, puffed out their cheeks, and stuck out their tongues in the name of good, ugly fun.”

Knight received a Nature 35 Pack; the Daily Winners receive Clik Elite™ Chest Packs. Runners up will probably get a t-shirt or something.

About Clik Elite: Based in Utah’s rugged canyon country, Clik Elite’s™ was founded in 2008 by a team of outdoor industry professionals. They make a complete line of innovative performance packs for adventure photographers that are the culmination of 25 years of experience designing and building packs for adventure racers, emergency medics, outdoor extremists, and photographers. See the line and learn more