Clik Elite™’s Reporter – Hybrid Performance

Clik Elite™’s Reporter carries adventure photographers' equipment – comfortably and securely – while protecting it from the rigors of travel, the extremes of far-reaching locations, and the dangers of errant t-balls.

The shot might be in the streets of Cairo, the wilds of the Serengeti, or at the kids’ t-ball game. Wherever it is, photojournalists need to keep on the move, and their equipment is their career. Clik Elite™’s Reporter (SR $120) carries that equipment – comfortably and securely – while protecting it from the rigors of travel, the extremes of far-reaching locations, and the dangers of errant t-balls.

The Reporter safely carries the larger pro-body SLR’s, plus multiple lenses. Clik Elite™’s adjustable cushioned cradles keep the gear stable and protected while on the move, and the padded sleeve holds and protects an iPad or netbook. Weather? The integrated rain cover blocks the rain and snow.

Getting the shot means finding it, and the Reporter is built to travel – fast, light, and comfortably – thanks to its hybrid design. It’s a simple, yet innovative, marriage of the classic photographers’ sling bag and a stable, backcountry waist pack. The padded, adjustable waistbelt secures the load, and the pack’s advanced design rides comfortably on the body. Stabilizer wings and compression straps enhance the advanced ergonomics. Need quick access? Switch to shoulder-bag mode. The comfortable shoulder strap holds the Reporter – and gear – without stressing the body.

The Reporter is built to work, and work fast. The modular, padded dividers and gear cradles adjust to fit individual workflows and equipment choices. Get to the location, open the pack, and it’s all right there. An easily accessible outside pocket holds memory cards, cables, business cards, accessories, and the all-important smartphone.

The Reporter’s proven performance, comfortable mobility, customizable layout, and ability to protect expensive gear make it a great choice for professionals who travel to remote locations, face the demands of weddings and events, or capture t-ball’s non-stop action. This is a high-function, customizable workstation that’s built to move.

About Clik Elite: Based in Utah’s rugged canyon country, Clik Elite™, part of the Elite Creators™ family of companies, was founded in 2008. They make a complete line of innovative performance packs for adventure photographers that are the culmination of over 25 years of experience. See the line and learn more at: Founded in 2002, Elite Creators™’s family of brands includes Stat Packs™ for emergency responders, Forb™ child-safety car seats and accessories, UltrAspire™ hydration systems for ultra athletes, and Clik Elite™.


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