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Imagination and Material Advancements Join Forces in New Mountainsmith Camera Bag Line


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Boulder, Colorado based professional outdoor photographer and Mountainsmith ambassador, Andy Mann, has been torturing Mountainsmith camera bags since 2007, providing real world feedback and suggesting innovative and cutting-edge features along the way. In early 2012, company designers sat down with Andy to build a new line of camera packs from the ground up using imagination, new material advancements and ideas sketched on beverage napkins. The result: a 2014 camera and related electronics line for week-end adventurers to professional photographers that is as real-world tested and tough as the Colorado terrain where it was designed.

 The line is more technical and performance-oriented than those found in most camera departments. It is differentiated by Mountainsmith’s 30-plus years of expertise designing carrying systems for outdoor packs and bags. Each model has been designed for precise fit through optimum load dispersion, worry-free protection for technical photo gear, easy accessibility and versatile organization all to capture the whole gamut of outdoor adventures.

The design process centered around new technologies in camera bodies, lenses and accessories to ensure the right fit for point and shoot, micro 4/3rds, DSLR and the requisite flashes, lenses, filters, batteries, cards, light stands and tri-pods. A key factor was the choice of 5000mm, 500d S-Kodra High Tenacity Nylon. The material’s 5000mm coating is significant in the weather resistance and durability of these bags. The fabric passed the same kind of brutal ASTM-caliber of testing that ski jackets and pants go through. The most technical pack in the line-up, the Parallax, features never before seen utility and technology with its modular DSLR pod, 3 points of access, and organization.

Some smaller kits and pouches in the collection are uniquely designed to be carried in a variety of positions, including across the body as waist packs or attached to packs, luggage, and briefcases. The collection also includes a Monopod pole and three soft-sided portable Kit Cubes that can be used alone or in a variety of packs and bags in the outdoor line. All packs and bags come in dark grey.

Forged in the Rockies, Mountainsmith's commitment to innovation began in 1979 and continues to the present with a full line of active lifestyle products. The quality and comfort of all Mountainsmith products—technical backpacks, travel storage systems, luggage, camera bags, urban packs, pet products and trekking poles as well as the lumbar pack icons—set the standard for the worldwide outdoor marketplace. Mountainsmith manufactures, markets, and distributes an expanding group of products designed to meet the demands of travel on and off the trail, through airports, and anywhere that carrying-comfort is essential. Mountainsmith products are sold worldwide.


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