Hydrapak Provides First Plastic Water Bottle w/ EA-Free Certification

NPR Reports: PlastiPure Engineers Safe Plastic Solutions

(Oakland, Calif.) – Hydrapak, a leading global supplier of active lifestyle hydration equipment, has successfully integrated the first EA-Free Certified Water Bottle into the outdoor market.

According to a study of more than 450 plastic products, many of which were labeled BPA-free, released this week by scientists at Austin-based PlastiPure and its sister company, CertiChem, more than 90 percent of the products tested released chemicals that elicit Estrogenic Activity (EA).

In a dialog with NPR, PlastiPure Polymer Expert Stuart Yaniger explained how raw materials that begin a process EA-Free often change chemically when they are exposed to other materials and heat during the manufacturing process. PlastiPure has worked extensively to refine each step in the manufacturing process to develop durable and dishwasher safe products such as the PureBot.

“Introducing smarter, safer products for our customers has always been a focal part of the healthy living mantra here at Hydrapak,” said President Matt Lyon, “When sourcing the PureBot we wanted the most biologically safe product possible and we found an amazing visionary partner in PlastiPure. We're honored to have been among the first companies to have worked with them.”

PlastiPure's CEO, Mike Usey stated, “Going much beyond the perceived safety of BPA-free, PlastiPure has developed its safe-plastic technology to avoid all chemicals with EA. But safer products made with this technology would not be available to consumers without innovative companies like Hydrapak. Their commitment to incorporating the best proven technologies into selected hydration lines provides customers with truly useful and differentiated products.”

The PureBot is an effective alternative for people who desire safe water bottles without the added bulk and tastes from metal. The PureBot is available in two organically-inspired designs: learn more at Hydrapak.com.

About Hydrapak
Hydrapak, originators of innovative and advanced hands-free fluid delivery systems, was introduced to satisfy the growing demand from athletes for personal hydration systems. Hydrapak produces custom built hydration backpacks, reservoirs, and bottles for a variety of sports, including biking, hiking and running. Hydrapak is an OEM for top manufacturers specializing in consumer, commercial and military purposes. To view all packs, bottles and accessories visit www.hydrapak.com or call 510.632.8318.