Granite Gear Mourns the Passing of Former Partner Mike Cruikshank

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Two Harbors, MN — October 3, 2018 —Granite Gear, Northern Minnesota-based backpack manufacturer, is saddened to announce the passing of former company partner Mike Cruikshank. With Cruikshank’s talents and determinations, the company was able to grow to become an international force in the outdoor industry.

To brother and Granite Gear Co-Founder Dan Cruikshank, Mike Cruikshank was a role model. A Green Beret, paratrooper, skilled sales man, mentor and near-professional golfer, Mike Cruikshank was known as a caring man with many gifts. In 1991, Mike Cruikshank took a chance and invested his money and talents as a third partner at Granite Gear. While there, he mentored co-founders Jeff and Dan and the Granite Gear team and took helped take the company to the next level.

“Mike was the guiding force behind Granite Gear while he was there,” said Steve Piragis, owner of Piragis Northwoods Company. “Through our business transactions we became friends and I saw him make a big impact on the company because he was a great business guy. He took care of me, as a customer, and I felt a real closeness to Granite Gear through Mike.”

Mike Cruikshank leaves behind a large family and community of many who loved him. Funeral arrangements have not been made at the date of this press release. Please send condolences and arrangement to

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