Good To-Go’s Dehydrated Gourmet Oatmeal Wins Backpacker Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award


Brand closes in on its 3rd anniversary, celebrates its 2nd Editors’ Choice 

 L to R: Dennis Lewon, Backpacker, Jennifer Scism & David Koorits, Good To-Go and Scott Yorko, Backpacker

L to R: Dennis Lewon, Backpacker, Jennifer Scism & David Koorits, Good To-Go and Scott Yorko, Backpacker

{Kittery, ME}—Good To-Go, the dehydrated gourmet meal brand changing the way people eat on the go, has won Backpacker magazine’s coveted Editors’ Choice award for the second time in the brands’ three-year history. Just eleven manufacturers were honored as recipients of the 2017 Editors’ Choice Award, the most prestigious award in the outdoor industry, given annually to products in recognition of their outstanding innovation in design, materials, and performance. 

The award-winning Oatmeal is anything but your average packet of oatmeal. Whole grain, gluten-free oats and quinoa are mixed with chia and hemp seeds for protein and omega fatty acids. Cinnamon and turmeric add flavor and anti-inflammatory qualities, along with cardamom for digestion.

“Oatmeal. It’s the meal everyone eats but nobody really likes. They choke it down because it’s fast and nutritious, but that’s about the best we could say until now,” said Dennis Lewon, Backpacker Editor-in-Chief. “All of our testers overwhelmingly liked Good To-Go’s reinvention of this staple, which takes simple oatmeal to a new level with ingredients like hulled hemp hearts, quinoa, Zante currents, and turmeric.”

“When we decided to create a line of Good To-Go breakfast options, I wanted to go back to the basics, food that I’d want to eat out on the trail,” said Chef and Co-founder, Jennifer Scism. “It obviously needed to be something lightweight, shelf-stable and healthy. Beyond that, it needed to be filling and packed with enough energy to start the day off right. Oatmeal has always been a staple on my trips into the backcountry, so this was a natural first choice.”

The Backpacker Editors’ Choice comes on the heels of another industry award that Scism won at the January Outdoor Retailer Trade Show—she was named one of the Best & Brightest26 people setting the outdoor industry on fire. “From the outset, she was a culinary star,” says Anita Lo, who co-founded Annisa in NYC with Scism. “…She’s a perfectionist and deeply passionate, and Good To-Go can’t even really be fairly compared to the competition.” 

Good To-Go was founded by Jennifer Scism and David Koorits. Jennifer is an award-winning chef and her career has long been focused on the importance of good food. She has cooked at NY Times 4-Star rated restaurants, traveled to over 20 countries studying regional foods, and along with her team from Annisa, has beaten the Iron Chef, Mario Batali, on the TV Food Network’s Iron Chef program. It’s safe to say she knows good food. David has spent his career as a wilderness therapy counselor, ski patroller, wildland firefighter and nurse. Today, he manages the business operations of Good To-Go. 

The dehydrated gourmet brands’ mission is to elevate expectations of what trail food can taste like. Good To-Go launched in 2014, a time when the market was obviously craving something tastier and healthier. The brand has been adding people-power and production space to address demand and today, Good To-Go can be found in over 400 stores nationwide. More info can be found at For sales inquiries, please contact David Koorits, or 603-828-9097 and for media, Kate Ketschek,, 603-828-1050.