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FilterForGood & Surfrider Foundation Partner to Promote Clean Water

Surfrider Foundation names Brita and Nalgene’s FilterForGood campaign exclusive national water partner

The Surfrider Foundation® and FilterForGood®, a partnership between Brita® and Nalgene®, are teaming up to promote the importance of clean water and show how small changes can make a big difference for people and the environment. Even our smallest creeks flow into our greatest rivers, lakes, bays, oceans and even into our homes. Given that all the earth's water is connected, it's up to individuals to make positive choices to preserve the quality and integrity of the global water supply.

FilterForGood and the Surfrider Foundation share the goal of inspiring individuals to make positive choices that ensure healthier water for us, our communities and the world. A grassroots organization founded 25 years ago by a small group of surfers, the Surfrider Foundation has made a difference in protecting America's oceans, waves and beaches through activism and organized clean-ups. The FilterForGood campaign, a movement started by Brita and Nalgene, raises awareness of the simple steps everyone can take to live healthier,1 eco-friendly lives, such as staying hydrated by filling reusable bottles with Brita filtered water instead of purchasing bottled water.

As part of FilterForGood's exclusive national water partnership with the Surfrider Foundation, FilterForGood will donate $100,000 to the Surfrider Foundation to fund ongoing efforts to maintain and enhance water quality throughout the entire span of the nation's watersheds. To show support for FilterForGood and the Surfrider Foundation's efforts, individuals can take the FilterForGood pledge at or purchase Brita filtration systems and FilterForGood Nalgene bottles. To date, more than 149,000 people2 have taken the FilterForGood pledge to keep an estimated 160 million disposable water bottles3 from being used and potentially sent to landfills.

“The Surfrider Foundation is renowned for our commitment to keeping America's oceans, waves and beaches clean, but we also understand the importance in maintaining clean, healthy inland waterways because of their key role in the hydrological cycle,” said Matt McClain, Surfrider Foundation's director of marketing communications. “By working with FilterForGood, we can make a greater impact nationwide so we'll all have cleaner water to drink, surf and enjoy.”

The partnership is kicking off at the Surfrider Foundation's star-studded 25th Anniversary Gala October 9 in Los Angeles at the California Science Center's Wallis Annenberg Building. In an effort to make the event bottled water-free, all water will be served from Brita pitchers and gift bags will include FilterForGood reusable bottles.

“Working side by side with Surfrider, FilterForGood will expand on its core mission to promote personal sustainability by inspiring individuals to take better care of themselves, their communities and the planet,” said Drew McGowan, Brita senior group manager.

Brita partnered with Nalgene to launch the FilterForGood campaign, which encourages people to reduce their bottled water waste by switching to reusable bottles filled with filtered water. FilterForGood educates consumers on living sustainably and motivates action through programs like the College FilterForGood Eco-Challenge grant program, Scholastic “Our Water, Our Planet” microsite, Brita Climate Ride and “Show Us Your Green Room” contest. Visit to learn how you can make a difference.
The Surfrider Foundation

The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world's oceans, waves and beaches. Now in its 25th year, the Surfrider Foundation has grown from a small group of dedicated surfers in Malibu, California to a global movement made up of over 50,000 members and 90 chapters worldwide. For more information visit us at
1 Pitchers certified to reduce copper. Faucet mounts certified to reduce lead. Substances reduced by Brita filtration systems may not be in all users' water.
2 Based on number of participants in the FilterForGood pledge database
3 Standard 16.9-ounce