Eagle Creek Expands Into New Markets, Introduces All New Pack-It Sport™


Don’t sweat it, Pack-It.The ultimate organization system hits the athletic market.

Introducing Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport™, designed and built just for the specific needs of the athlete. Working as hard as you do, Eagle Creek enters the Athletic market with a distinctive product line that does the heavy lifting on organization and versatility.

Expanding on the proven Pack-It™ System concept introduced in 1996. The first organizational system for inside the bag, Pack-It has proven to be a key tool for travelers, helping customers retain control of their belongings and stay organized on the road. This concept has grown into a significant business for the Outdoor and Luggage Specialty markets. With consumer feedback and the health and wellness consumer trend, Eagle Creek has identified the need for a packing organization product specific to the needs of the athletes. 

With months of research behind it, the design team at Eagle Creek knows what athletes need. Perfect for wet, sweaty and smelly locker rooms, vacuous duffel bags or overheated car trunks, Pack-It Sport addresses the unique conditions an athlete’s gear faces. New designs feature lightweight DWR coated fabric on the bottom of any bag that likely will end up on the ground or counter. Pack-It Sport’s vertically oriented styles hang perfectly inside lockers, and your sweaty, smelly stuff is contained by Agion™ anti-microbial treated fabric throughout, separating clean from smelly to keep your all-day clothes fresh and ready to impress.

Built to transport gear and clothes to and from any workout or any trip, Pack-It Sport is designed specifically for the shoes, socks, clothes and swim suits that get wet, dirty, and muddy from intense workouts indoors and out, separating dirty from clean, containing moisture, venting or containing odor, organizing personal items (accessories, gadgets, etc…) and helping athletes get more stuff into less space. Pack-It Sport shines in both function and style: designed for ease of use, in bright colors that catch the eye from the bottom of a gym bag or the back of a locker, helping save valuable time during the transition from workout to (wo)man on the move. No gym bag is truly complete without Pack-It Sport organization. Don’t sweat it, Pack-it.

The new Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport™ products are available at retail 7/1/15.


Eagle Creek is a leading travel outfitter, providing smart, innovative and durable luggage, travel bags and accessories. Founded in 1975, California-based Eagle Creek invented the adventure travel gear category, introduced the industry’s first convertible backpack on wheels, established the first complete travel solution system and is revolutionizing the way travelers pack with its Pack-It™ Folders, Cubes, Sacs and Toiletry Kits. Visit www.eaglecreek.com for more information.


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