Eagle Creek Introduces All-New Pack-It Specter™ for Spring 2017


Nothing packs like Pack-It™.

Eagle Creek first introduced the packing cube category 20 years ago. In 2012, Eagle Creek introduced Pack-It Specter for ultra-light silnylon organization. They continue to add silhouettes and versatility to the line to meet ever-increasing demand and changing consumer needs. For Spring 2017, Eagle Creek introduces new solutions and prints in the Specter line. These solutions address the question: Where do I pack my small, odd shaped items like jewelry, makeup, hair accessories, etc…

Incorporating consumer feedback into product design, the Pack-It Specter™ selection now includes a Multi Shoe Cube and several styles for small objects that either get lost or need to be separated. Lightweight, stain resistant with unique purpose-driven designs and packability, Pack-It Specter not only helps you get more stuff into less space, but does it with style, protection, compression and easy accessibility.

Adding prints to the Pack-It Specter™ color palette was no small feat. Eagle Creek is proud to introduce a new gender-neutral Hexagami print, giving retailers and consumers endless potential for style and variety.

When organized, travelers have the freedom to take on the world and explore the unexpected. Pack-It Specter offers travelers ultra light packing organization to help them keep things in order in any travel bag.

Colors: White/Strobe, Strobe green, Flame Orange, Brilliant Blue, Ebony, Grey, Hexagami

The new Pack-It Specter™ styles will be available at retail 10/1/16.

Pack-It Specter™ Multi Shoe Cube (EC0A34PM) MSRP $26.95

EC Specter Multi Shoe Cube white merched S17LR

Keep multiple pairs of shoes in this ultra light shoe organizer. It’s the smart way to keep dirty shoes from intermingling with clean clothes inside your luggage.

Capacity: 795 cu in, 13 L; Weight: 1.6 oz; Size: 10 x 12.5 x 4.5 in.

  • Accommodate multiple pairs of shoes up to Men’s 13
  • 2 padded collapsible dividers (3 sections) for separating/protecting 3 pairs of shoes
  • Top carry handle
  • Reflective easy-grip zipper pulls
  • Large opening for packing access

Pack-It Specter™ Mini Cube Set (EC0A34PJ) MSRP $24.95

This set of extra small Mini Cubes are padded for protection of what’s inside. Store your jewelry, eye care kit or small electronics inside.

Capacity: 20 cu in, 0.3 L; Weight: 0.6 oz; Size: 4 x 3 x 1.75 in.

  • Organize small jewelry items eye care kit or small electronics/cords
  • Padded structure for easy packing and content protection
  • Internal see-thru zip pocket for smallest items
  • Reflective easy grip zipper pulls
  • TPU lined for easy wipe-to-clean and moisture protection
  • Includes 2 Pack-It Specter™ Mini Cubes

Pack-It Specter™ Cinch Organizer (EC0A34PK) MSRP $26.95

The Cinch Organizer is a great solution for maximum organization with quick cinch and easy access. Use to pack toiletries or underwear.

EC Specter Cinch Organizer white merched S17LR

Capacity: 155 cu in, 2.5 L; Weight: 1.3 oz; Size: 8 x 6.25 x 5 in.

  • Organize jewelry, toiletries, underwear, ties and bras
  • Drawstring cinch closure with pull tabs for an easy open
  • Padded bottom protects contents
  • 6 side wall elasticized slip pockets
  • Reflective easy-grip zipper pulls
  • TPU lined for easy wipe-to-clean and moisture protection
  • Zipper-free entry won’t snag your delicates

Pack-It Specter™ Wristlet Set (EC0A34PL) MSRP $29.95

This Wristlet Set is great for organizing make-up, full-size toiletries or hairbrushes. With quick grab wristlet strap and easy clean, this set is a must have travel essential.

Small Capacity: 90 cu in, 1.5 L; Weight: 1 oz; Size: 9 x 3.5 x 2.25 in.

Medium Capacity: 155 cu in, 2.5 L; Weight: 1.4 oz; Size: 9 x 6 x 2.25 in.

  • Pack Makeup, full-sized toiletries and damp clothing in a medium wristlet, makeup brushes and pencils in a small wristlet
  • Padded bottom protects contents
  • Stands up when empty
  • Wristlet strap for easy carry
  • TPU lined for easy wipe-to-clean and moisture protection


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